Commercializing Technology

When the founding team of a startup gets together to discuss the future of its venture, the discussion focuses on the technology. As it should. Offering a differentiated technology is the obvious prerequisite for launching a new company. Naturally, the bulk of expenses in the early phases of the company is allocated to engineering. Soon, all the other departments of the company need to be ad... » read more

A Tough Balancing Act

Typically, technology startups are formed because a few smart engineers have identified a new opportunity. They work hard on the technology, making sure they deliver innovation that differentiates them from their bigger competitors. They approach their initial customers and refine the product based on the feedback from these early adopters. The focus is still very much on the technology and the... » read more

Moving From Engineering To Management Or Staying On The Technical Track

In the “Mad Men” days, companies adhered to a strict organizational hierarchy. Employees were either line or staff. Generally, line meant that an employee was on the management track and headed for a corporate executive position, sometimes called C-level or C-suite. Staff meant a place on the technical track with little opportunity for advancement. Today’s corporate environment no long... » read more