CES: THE Must-See Auto Show?

Given the attention being paid to the automotive sector in regard to electronic content, is CES becoming the new must-see auto show?


Power is such a huge concern for the automotive sector these days, it was not too much of a surprise to hear from Atrenta CTO Bernard Murphy that while at CES, he heard many folks suggesting that the experience that can only be called ‘CES’ may be the new must-see auto show.

He observed that car companies are paying attention to surveys showing that a significant percentage of buyers view technology as the most important feature in a new car, ahead of power and handling.

In support of the CES-as-auto-show, 10 automakers (including Audi, BMW, Chrysler, Hyundai and Volkswagen) had exhibits at the show this year, there were 406 exhibitors in the automotive electronics classification. Then, the Chairman of Mercedes-Benz and the CEO of Ford both gave keynotes.

Going forward, Murphy sees low power DDR (LPDDR) becoming much more common in infotainment given the need for more sophisticated imaging capabilities and higher image quality.

Other trends include safety-critical apps require instant response when the driver turns on the car, which will require some number of always-on components, hence need for low power drain in key-off mode.

And obviously temperature modeling, especially at peak power, will become very important, he said.

“A lot of the impact of automotive in electronics is in more aggressive qualification ranges, much higher expected reliability (we have become used to consumer product lifetimes, which won’t cut it in a car) and small form-factor packages for constrained spaces,” Murphy added.

What’s your opinion, Reader? Is CES becoming the place to go to see the latest and greatest in cars? Comment below with your thoughts.

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