Deliver DO-178C compliant software on budget and on schedule

Why are these capabilities essential in analysis tools used with DO-178C compliant software?


Ensuring safety in civilian airborne software is an ongoing challenge in the increasingly software-intensive aviation industry, yet accidents and fatalities caused by software are nearly unheard of in civil aviation. This impressive track record is due largely to the DO-178 standard.

However, successful DO-178C certification involves significant costs and timelines. To avoid cost overruns and missed deadlines, you must choose your software testing tools with care. Learn why these key capabilities are essential in any analysis tool used with DO-178C compliant software:

  • Can be integrated throughout your SDLC
  • Consistently enforces safe coding standards
  • Mitigates the risk of revision rounds as experts reverse-engineer documentation from the code
  • Can be qualified under DO-178C’s tool qualification criteria

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