How to Manage One Trillion Devices on the Edge

How the datacenter infrastructure will adapt to trillions of devices.


THE EDGE, THE DATACENTER, AND NEW DESIGN PRINCIPLES: The world of compute is changing rapidly, as is the traditional view of a physical building, or buildings filled with servers, storage, and networking to “run the business”. Cloud computing, distributed cloud computing, and edge computing will all be fed by a 5G access network, forcing IT organizations to think and plan differently.

The environments managed by the IT organizations of tomorrow will extend beyond the traditional datacenter into the distributed cloud and edge environments. Ruggedized servers sitting on oil rigs; cameras, sensors, and micro datacenters powering smart cities; even mobilized healthcare platforms that provide patient care and monitoring are all examples of why datacenter assets must exist on the edge for petabytes and zettabytes of data to be transformed, analyzed, and turned into actionable intelligence in real-time.

Arm predicts the world will see up to one trillion edge-connected devices by 2035. While this number is staggering, a quick look at the underlying dynamics supports this predicted magnitude of devices.

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Arm-commissioned whitepaper, author: Moor Insights & Strategy

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