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Last week was quite exciting for the Knowledge Center. We have started to receive our first vendor supplied pages along with obtaining permission to mine various documents for populating other pages. A big thank you for these early contributions. Several people also sent in photographs for inclusion on their personal pages as well as additional information or corrections.

It all started when Cadence gave us permission to use the Guide to Low-Power Design that they had developed with a group of companies that formed the Power Forward initiative and published by Si2. This yielded many good foundational pages on the subject of low-power design, but there are still lots of areas where other companies can fill in the gaps, such as with estimation, thermal analysis, lots of topics associated with power rail design, optimization techniques and much more. Take a look around the page.

Next came a description of the problems associated with the wayward X value and the ways in which it can propagate through a design causing problems. Thanks to Real Intent for supplying .

Then Neil Johnson, who was one of the first people calling for methods to be seriously looked at by the hardware design community, got a couple of early pages about Agile and its application to hardware into the system. Looking forward to filling out lots more on this interesting new methodology.

Finally for today, Mentor provided a page describing Layout versus Schematic (LVS) and where that fits into a physical verification flow. Mentor has also provided us with a lot of materials on the subject of multi-patterning which will be turned into pages very shortly.

All of this is on top of the pages being created by the editors here at SemiEngineering.

Is there a part of an EDA flow or methodology that you would like to provide a page for? In return you will get your name attached to the page. Just a reminder to everyone – these pages must be product neutral to be considered. Send me an email if you would like work on one of these pages, just in case someone else is already working on it. We don’t want to see anyone’s efforts wasted.

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