IP MarketPlace – Act I

Why are people paying attention and what are they looking for?


We did our first webinar for IP MarketPlace last week. Because there is such a vibrant roadmap for this rich IP exploration environment, I felt like this was merely the first act of a multi-part production. We kept our event to 30 minutes, which has been a hallmark of all our webinars. We began with a review of what IP MarketPlace is, how it works, and why it’s useful. We then proceeded to a live demonstration of the environment.

For complete disclosure, I can tell you we weren’t able to login to IP MarketPlace or share our screen on the webinar about 9 minutes before the event started. That was more excitement than I really wanted. But everything fell into place as showtime arrived, and Lisa Minwell, our senior director of IP marketing, did a superb job.


I noticed a few interesting things about the webinar. We had excellent attendance. When I looked at the number of folks who logged in vs. the number who registered, the “yield” was a good bit higher than we’ve seen in the past. Everyone stayed until the very end as well. Drop offs during a webinar can be quite dramatic, but not for this event. Many excellent questions were also asked – people were paying attention.

All these statistics are very encouraging to me. We believe our online technology is providing a fundementally new way for our customers to create their chips (and do business with us). The kind of engagement we saw at this webinar event provides support for this notion. Changing the semiconductor industry is a daunting task. It starts, however, one transaction at a time. The registerd user base for IP MarketPlace is also growing nicely. More proof there is life in the Internet for semis. Please keep coming back for more. In case you haven’t heard about our online tool suite or tried out the tools yet, you can register for an account here.

And if you missed the webinar, you can easily check out the video replay here. Thanks to those of you who have tried our new online tools. Welcome to all those who will try them in the weeks ahead. I’m looking forward to Act II.

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