Matter Security And Privacy Fundamentals

How the CSA’s Matter handles smart home security and enables communication across smart home devices and ecosystems over a specific set of IP-based networking technologies, starting with Thread, Wi-Fi and Ethernet.


As the Internet of things (IoT) connects more devices and systems, cyberattacks increase. This situation drives concern and hesitation by users and limiting adoption. To address these obstacles, Matter was created with security and privacy as key design tenets. This CSA whitepaper walks through:

  • Security concepts for the smart home
  • Smart home cybersecurity challenges and risks
  • Matter Security Principles
  • Matter Privacy Principles
  • Platform Security
  • Smart home security solutions

Naama Bak, NXP
Thomas Ben, NXP
Steve Hanna, Infineon
Sujata Neidig, NXP
Raj Rajagopalan, Resideo
Oscar Sanchez, Infineon
Marc Vauclair, NXP
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