Meeting The Challenges Of The 2018 National Defense Strategy

Fulfilling the goals of sharpening our competitive advantage in electronic systems.


In Secretary of Defense James Mattis’ Summary of the 2018 National Defense Strategy: Sharpening the American Military’s Competitive Edge, he provides a critical framework for driving “urgent change at significant scale.” This paper describes the role that Cadence can play in assisting the nation and its partners in achieving that urgency and scale of change called for in the vision and goals set out by the Secretary. For the creation and modernization of electronic systems, Cadence possesses the significant technology, intellectual property, and a skilled workforce that can assist the Department of Defense (DoD), its affiliated agencies, and contractors that are ready to pursue urgent change at significant scale. Cadence has the historical relationship base and global reach to be effective in catalyzing, and, if empowered, driving change to fulfill the vision of the new national defense priorities and strategy.

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