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Got that family member who is really hard to shop for? Expecting a last-minute rush to the mall to find that unique one-of-a-kind gift? eSilicon has great news for you. Everyone knows that at least half of every chip contains on-board memory and now you can shop for that special someone by browsing eSilicon’s large selection of semiconductor memory IP.

We launched the IP MarketPlace environment last week, and the reception was quite impressive. We saw a large number of visitors on our Web site on launch day – and more are coming back all the time. I’m not really sure how many of these folks are looking for that special gift of semiconductor memory for their loved ones, but I can tell you interest in the IP MarketPlace environment is strong.

Figure 1

Users can browse eSilicon’s extensive memory compilers and I/O libraries. Beyond just window shopping, visitors can also generate dynamic, graphical analyses of power, performance and area (PPA) data, view that data graphically, in table format, or download to Excel and even build and download a complete chip memory subsystem.

We call it a “try before you buy” experience. To back that up, visitors can also generate and download front-end views and run simulations in their own environment. In 2015, we’ll even add the ability to buy the chosen memories online then download the GDSII.

The IP MarketPlace environment allows users to “go deep” with their IP browsing and access specific PPA data for selected IP blocks. This tool is another step toward realizing eSilicon’s vision of bringing the custom IC design and procurement process online.

“Transparent, easy access to complex semiconductor technology”

This all started many years ago with the eSilicon Access work-in-process tracking system. Using this tool, eSllicon customers can find out where their parts are in the global supply chain quickly and easily – even on a smartphone. Last year, we added MPW Online for quick, easy and executable quotations for multi-project wafer slots from a selection of foundries. Besides the IP MarketPlace environment, we also launched GDSII Online this year, allowing visitors to generate complete, executable quotations for NRE and production from a GDSII handoff for TSMC. Complex, time-consuming quotations delivered in minutes, 24/7.

We’ll be doing a live 30-minute webinar detailing what you can do in the IP MarketPlace environment on Jan. 21, 2015. You can register for this event here. We’ve also done webinars on our quoting portals, both a demo and a user discussion. You can check out the replay for those webinars here. And best of all, you can sign up for your own eSIlicon Online account and check out all these tools yourself. It’s easy (and free) to get an account. Click here.

Happy browsing, and happy holidays!


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