Nanophotonic Sensor Implants With 3D Hybrid Periodic-Amorphous Photonic Crystals For Wide-Angle Monitoring Of Long-Term In-Vivo Intraocular Pressure

A nanophotonic-based optomechnical device implanted in eyes can detect intraocular pressure, a sign of glaucoma.


In this work, we have developed a nanophotonic-based optomechnical device and reported the smallest intraocular pressure (IOP) implant (Dia: 500 um, Thick: 200 um) that can be placed in any area under the cornea into the anterior chamber without touching the endothelium. The sensor is made of only flexible biocompatible silicone/polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) and structured as 3D hybrid photonic crystal for wide angle (±40o) pressure dependent NIR resonance (0.1 nm/mm Hg) (Fig. 1b) using colloidal lithography and inverse “coffee-stain” effect. Using our IOP-sensing implant and handheld detector system, we have successfully tracked long-term changes in IOP in 8 awake rabbits over the course of 6 months with good consistency in comparison to commercial TonoVet.

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