NanoService Solution: Optimized Web Service Technology For An Embedded World

How to combine software for devices and backend servers plus Web applications to enable efficient data communication and device management for an IoT application.


This paper discusses the architecture, features, and benefits of ARM Sensinode NanoService solution. Recognizing that Web applications based on the REST architecture have become ubiquitous, IOT deployments in a wide variety of market segments can benefit from using Web technology and the REST architecture. This paper demonstrates how ARM Sensinode NanoService solution can be used to provide a secure and standards-based way for back-end applications to access IOT data using RESTful Web services. Some of the benefits of the NanoService solution include:

  • Fast Time to Market. The use of well understood Web development environments and Reference Applications, with source code available, allows networks to be rapidly deployed.
  • Efficiency and Scalability. The new CoAP technology standard enables drastically reduced device power consumption and data transport requirements, and in conjunction with NanoService Platform allows enormous network scalability.
  • Advanced Security. NanoService uses the most advanced security solutions available in the Web today.
  •  Future Proof. The use of standardized technologies ensures that the system will continue to perform as networks expand and functionalities evolve.

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