A Night to Remember: EDA Back to the Future

Check out the oral history project at the Computer History Museum.


I had the pleasure to attend the EDA: Back to the Future event at the Computer History Museum on Oct. 16.   There were over 230 guests to raise money for the EDA Oral History Project at the Museum.   There were industry luminaries honored at the event, and I did red carpet interviews with many of them as they arrived including Joe Costello, Simon Segars, and Penny Herscher.  As I did the interviews,  the names of Joe Costello and Richard Newton kept coming up as individuals who had made a dramatic contribution to the industry.  Their vision for what was possible and what we would need to get there continues to have an impact on the industry to this day.

If you would like to know more about the Museum’s EDA Oral History Project, watch this very cool video that was shown to the attendees:

You can make a gift donation to the Computer History Museum in support of the EDA Oral History Project by following the link here.

A photo booth was also available and I took the opportunity to have my picture taken.  It was a Night to Remember!

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