Spectre-BHB: Speculative Target Reuse Attacks Version 1.7

Learn more about a recent vulnerabilities, how to patch it, and updates.


In March 2022, researchers within the Systems and Network Security Group at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam disclosed a new cache speculation vulnerability known as Branch History Injection (BHI) or Spectre-BHB. Spectre-BHB is similar to Spectre v2, except that malicious code uses the shared branch history (stored in the CPU Branch History Buffer, or BHB) to influence mispredicted branches within the victim’s own hardware context. Once that occurs, speculation caused by mispredicted branches can be used to cause cache allocation, which can then be used to infer information that should not be accessible.

Download the Spectre-BHB whitepaper, which describes future updates and click here for the Spectre-BHB page.

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