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Stop-For-Top IP Model To Replace One-Stop-Shop By 2025… And Support The Creation Of Successful Chiplet Business

An updated IP model for data-centric and high-performance applications.


The One-Stop-Shop model has allowed IP vendors of the 2000’s to create a successful IP business, mostly driven by consumer application, smartphone or Set-Top-Box. The industry has dramatically changed, and in 2020 is now driven by data-centric application (datacenter, AI, networking, HPC…), requiring best-in-class, high-performance IP developed on bleeding edge technology nodes. That’s why the Stop-For-Top IP model should replace the One-Stop-Shop model during the 2020 decade and allow to supply the right IP more efficiently to the demanding customer involved in data-centric application. The next step will be to develop and market chiplet created from the Stop-For-Top IP portfolio, to help chip makers to overcome Moore’s law limitation and accelerate TTM for systems developed on technology nodes at 3nm and below. We think the IP vendors selecting Stop-For-Top IP model strategy will be the best positioned to offer chiplet at the right time when the semiconductor industry will need this innovation to overcome Moore’s law limitation.

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