Synopsys And Cerebras Systems

DesignWare In-Chip temperature sensors and voltage monitors deployed in Cerebras Systems WSE-2 chip.


The Cerebras Systems Wafer-Scale Engine 2 (WSE-2) is by far the largest silicon product available, with a total silicon area of 46,225mm². It utilizes the maximum square of silicon that can be made out of a 300mm diameter wafer. The square of silicon contains 84 die that are 550mm² each. These die were stitched together using proprietary layers of interconnect, making a continuous compute fabric. By developing this interconnect on a single piece of silicon, Cerebras were able to connect the equivalent of 84 die and significantly lower the communication overhead and physical connections within the systems.

Giant models need massive memory, compute, and massive communication to tie it all together. Trying to provide this with thousands of small devices, turns the scaling of all 3 of these into distributed problems that are inter-dependent. As model size grows, Cerebras needed to do more partitioning of the model onto more chips, and do more fine-grained coordination and more synchronization, The challenge is one of distribution complexity to get them all to work together to solve a single large neural network problem. And this complexity grows dramatically with cluster size and becomes overwhelming as the network grows. Cerebras have spent the last year figuring out how to overcome these challenges and the result is the second-generation Wafer-Scale Engine (WSE-2)

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