Automotive MEMS Accelerometer Design Verification: A Real Life Example

Standard Finite Element (FE) models, especially those that incorporate multiple physical domains, consist of detailed representations of a device that include a large number of Degrees of Freedom (DoF). The Degrees of Freedom in a design are the number of independent variables or parameters needed to describe the motion or state of the device. Generally, the larger the number of Degrees of Free... » read more

Training a Neural Network to Fall

Who knew falling was so complicated? “I don’t want to work on a fall detection system ever again,” said MbientLab CEO Laura Kassovic in front of an ARMTech Con audience. The audience laughed as she flashed a picture of what could now be a better approach—the Apple Watch Series 4, which had recently been announced. “The Apple 4 has the fall detection sensor built in. It’s probably... » read more