Failure Mechanism Detection Algorithm With MOSFET Body Diode

Autonomous driving is playing a big role in the automotive industry and defines the future of mobility on a big scale. However, autonomous driving faces several challenges, such as the performance of artificial intelligence and hardware reliability. To ensure safe functionality, the reliability of the electronic components plays an essential role and must be taken into consideration. One aspect... » read more

Transforming Vision Inspection With Machine Learning

How auto-manufacturers can apply ML & AI algorithms to enhance image analytics on their factory floor and to ensure higher product quality? Discover the next generation visual inspection in our new case study. In this case study , you will learn about: Current limitations of image inspection in the manufacturing industry. The O+ end-to-end solution, which brings machine learning and... » read more

System Bits: Dec. 17

Simple, Inexpensive Graphene Treatment Could Unleash New Uses To help realize the promise of graphene in electronics, solar power, and sensors, researchers from MIT and UC Berkeley have created what they said is a simple, inexpensive treatment that they believe may help realize the potential of the material. While pure graphene lacks some key properties needed for electronic devices, modify... » read more