Silicon Root Of Trust IP And The Automotive Chain Of Trust

Cybersecurity attacks in the automotive industry have increased in magnitude, frequency and sophistication in recent years. According to IDC, there have been more than 900 publicly reported automotive security incidents since 2010, and this number is growing year over year. New attack vectors are emerging all the time. For example, attacks on the EV charging infrastructure reached 4% of total i... » read more

Building A Defense In Depth Against Cyberattacks

As the number and type of cyberattacks, from the “simple and cheap” to the “expensive and sophisticated,” continues to grow at a dramatic pace, protection of chips and devices must employ a defense in depth strategy. In this way, if an attacker successfully bypasses a mechanism of protection, they’ll face another layer of defense, rather than a clear path to the assets they seek to ex... » read more

Over-the-Air Automotive Updates

Modern vehicles are increasingly-connected devices with growing volumes of electronic systems. This systemic complexity means that even an average vehicle design will include over 150 ECUs, which control not just infotainment and communications, but powertrain, safety, and driving systems (figure 1). We see not just a surge in the volume and complexity of electronic hardware, but also software.... » read more