The Crazy Evolution Of Earbuds

Good ideas have a way of continually evolving. Hindsight is wonderful. We can look back over past inventions and proclaim the ones that were successful to be obvious, and those that weren’t as being stupid or flawed. Many successful inventions started off being flawed, but through demand and perseverance, those flaws were eliminated. At the time, I am sure most people thought Da Vinci was ... » read more

Week In Review: IoT, Security, Autos

Internet of Things Sensors that see in the dark, look deep into our faces and hear the impossible, were all part of ams’ CES lineup this week. ams announced that it has designed an advanced spectral ambient light sensor (ALS) for high-end mobile phone cameras. The ALS, called the AS7350, identifies the light source and makes an accurate white balance under low-light and other non-ideal condi... » read more