The Week in Review: IoT

Regulation The Consumer Product Safety Commission is accepting public comments on “potential safety issues and hazards associated with Internet-connected consumer products.” The agency is concerned about “unexpected operating conditions” with Internet of Things devices, along with hacking that could start fires through a stovetop or grill, and the potential compromising of home safety ... » read more

The Week In Review: IoT

Analysis Some consumer IoT products are actually useful and helpful in daily life, such as the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Honeywell Lyric for home automation, David Pogue writes. Then there are the products that make most people scratch their heads – IoT water bottles, the IoT toilet-paper dispenser, the IoT toothbrush, IoT umbrella, IoT fork, the IoT egg tray, and so on, he notes. “... » read more

Conferences, Education And The Press

The EDA industry once organized itself around conferences. The Design Automation Conference (DAC) marked the time of the year when new product announcements came out thick and fast, and it was difficult to keep up with the stream of press releases. Companies with nothing to announce were viewed as deficient. New products were demonstrated in secrecy in the back rooms of the suites at the confer... » read more