Processing Moves To The Edge

Edge computing is evolving from a relatively obscure concept into an increasingly complex component of a distributed computing architecture, in which processing is being shifted toward end devices and satellite data facilities and away from the cloud. Edge computing has gained attention in two main areas. One is the [getkc id="78" kc_name="industrial IoT"], where it serves as a do-it-yoursel... » read more

Securing IoE Gateways

When we talk about the [getkc id="260" comment="Internet of Everything"], (IoE) we have come to realize that it will really be made up of a lot of different “things. It will envelope everything from home automation to intelligent vehicles, to wearables, to industrial applications, military, infrastructure. The list is almost endless. And there is a lot of discussion about securing these “th... » read more

Short-Range, Low-Power Sensors

Over the last 10 years the world has done a remarkably good job of connecting the global wireless world. This is partly because of visionaries, partly because of marketers, and partly just because we can, but mostly because of convenience. We now never need be to be off the wide-area interconnected highway. The last decade has radically changed the way we live. The smartphone and its cousin, th... » read more