Hybrid Architecture Blends Best Of Both Worlds

Quadric chose the brand name Chimera to describe the company’s novel general purpose neural processing unit (GPNPU) architecture. According to the online Oxford dictionary, in biology a chimera is “an organism containing a mixture of genetically different tissues (or DNA).” Quadric made that naming choice to reflect the fact that its Chimera GPNPU has characteristics of both conventiona... » read more

Tradeoffs In Archiving Data

If you’ve ever had to sort through old technical documents, wondering what still has value and what can be safely tossed, you can identify with the quandary of Thomas Levy, UCSD professor of anthropology and co-founder of the field of cyber-archaeology. Staring at thousands of pieces of pottery in a Jordanian dessert, he erred on the side of keeping it all. “My personal perspective when ... » read more