Wall Street View Of EDA Industry

Jay Vleeschhouwer, managing director of Griffin Securities, has followed the electronic design automation (EDA) industry as a leading financial analyst for 25 years and is a popular speaker at the annual Design Automation Conference (DAC). I spoke with Vleeschhouwer after attending his presentation "The State of EDA: A View from Wall Street" at this year’s DAC. Bob Smith: According t... » read more

DAC 2019: Day 2

Day two of DAC started off with a highly anticipated keynote given by Thomas Dolby, musician, producer and innovator. Dolby has always been fascinated with the convergence of music and technology. He started off with a fanfare by balancing a broom on his finger to demonstrate the type of control we have as human beings. He went on to expand the analogy to the hive mind of groups of individuals,... » read more

Tuesday At DAC 2018

The morning starts with the Accellera Breakfast. Accellera has made some significant progress this year and we can expect to hear about the approval of the Portable Stimulus 1.0 specification later in the conference as well as the initial release of SystemC CCI as well as a proposal for the creation of an IP Security Assurance Working Group, which will discuss standards development to address s... » read more