The I3C Interface Can Help Improve Performance In Sensor Applications

The I3C interface (officially the “MIPI Alliance Improved Inter Integrated Circuit”) was initially developed by the MIPI Alliance to support sensor interconnect in mobile applications. The MIPI Alliance is a global alliance of electronics companies that develop technical specifications for mobile applications, of which Renesas Electronics is a member. The original concept behind the I3C ... » read more

MIPI On Wheels: Enabling ADAS Applications

Formed in 2003, the Mobile Industry Processor Interface (MIPI) Alliance brought together leading system and chip companies to provide standards for the essential video interface technologies for cameras and displays in phones. Over the years, the alliance has expanded its scope to publish specifications covering physical layer, multimedia, chip-to-chip and inter-processor communications (IPC), ... » read more

Meeting Fundamental Interface Requirements For Camera And Display With Integrated MIPI IP

Cameras and displays are used in cars, industrial and medical devices, smartphones and other mobile devices, and machine vision applications. Over the years, the required data for high resolution videos and images have increased, forcing camera and display SoCs to process more complex visual data. The MIPI Alliance offers a portfolio of camera and display interfaces that deliver differentiation... » read more

PCIe 4.0 Hangs In, PCIe 5.0 Coming On Strong

First introduced in 2003 as a universal serial chip-to-chip interface running at 2.5 Gbps, PCI Express (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express), also known as PCIe, has advanced several revisions with significant improvements to performance and other features with each new generation. Through broad support, backwards compatibility, and a consistent cadence of upgrades that doubled lane sp... » read more

Surprises Abound As Subsystem IP Gains Prominence

What’s new in the world of subsystem intellectual property? To find out, System-Level Design sat down with Richard Wawrzyniak, senior market analyst for ASICs and SoCs at Semico Research Corp. What follow are excerpts of that conversation. SLD: You mentioned that the cost of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) at 20nm and below is increasing. Why is that? Wawrzyniak: The reason is c... » read more

The Quest For Faster Data Throughput On A Chip

By Ed Sperling As with all network topologies, the general rule is the faster the better. Jack Browne, VP of sales and marketing at Sonics, said his customers are asking for higher-speed interconnects. “Right now we’re at 300MHz,” he said. “They want to more than double that in the very near future and eventually get to 1GHz.” Getting to that speed is no simple ... » read more

Achieving Successful LTE Design and Test

By Cheryl Ajluni In spite of all of its hype, WiMAX is not the only standard causing a stir these days or being called a “killer app.” Another technology that has achieved this illustrious title is Long Term Evolution (LTE), the Third Generation Partnership Project’s (3GPP’s) air interface for wireless access. Granted, WiMAX does have the advantage of a head start in development, test... » read more