Energy Harvesting Gains Steam

Energy harvesting is gaining traction with a surge in ultra-low-power IoT applications, ranging from inventory tracking, wearables and drones, to vibration sensors for motors in industrial settings. The idea that machines could run without batteries—or that energy could be harvested either from motion or ambient sound waves or chemical reactions to augment battery power—has been in the w... » read more

Intel’s Claremont Near-Threshold Voltage IA Core

By Barry Pangrle Intel announced many new technologies at its recent Intel Developer Forum (IDF) held from Sept. 13-15 in San Francisco, but the one announcement that jumped out at me was the unveiling of its work on a near-threshold voltage (NTV) processor named “Claremont.” For this exercise, Intel chose an older Pentium design to help minimize the number of variables the engineers would... » read more