ST Announces 20x Savings Using OpenPDK At DAC

Last month’s Design Automation Conference in San Francisco proved to be highly successful for Si2. This year, for example, Si2 organized 28 member-led presentations, issued 10 press releases, and hosted 5 special events. Today I will focus on one of those events, a special press conference featuring Philippe Magarshack, executive vice president for design enablement services at STMicroelectro... » read more

Inside SI2’s OpenPCell Workshop

In the last Standards and Beyond blog, we provided background on the Open Process Specification, including where pcells fit into the overall picture, and gave an invitation to the OpenPCell workshop being hosted by the Silicon Integration Initiative (Si2). The ensuing workshop, held on Jan. 29, was well attended with more than 35 companies represented across the globe. It was a gathering of man... » read more