Countering The Threat From Quantum Computers

Quantum computers hold much promise for the future, yet their computing power poses a significant threat to current security methods such as public key cryptography. In this white paper, Infineon will examine this issue in detail, propose an approach for future security based on TPMs and discuss current TPM technology. The reader can expect to gain a good appreciation of the security issues sur... » read more

The Battle For Post-Quantum Security Will Be Won By Agility

By Thomas Poeppelmann and Martin Schlaeffer Due to their special features, quantum computers have the disruptive potential to replace existing conventional computers in many applications. They could, for example, calculate simulations of complex molecules for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, perform complicated optimizations for the automotive and aviation industry, or create new fi... » read more

Security Implications Of Quantum Computing

The US Government just stepped up the push for quantum computing with an award of $625 million in funding to create five quantum information research centers. Industry and academic institutions will contribute $300 million toward this effort with the remainder drawn from the $1.2 billion earmarked in the 2018 law: the National Quantum Initiative Act. The race to quantum computing is a global on... » read more