Fast Interrupt Extension For MCU RISC-V

A technical paper titled “CV32RT: Enabling Fast Interrupt and Context Switching for RISC-V Microcontrollers” was published by researchers at ETH Zurich and University of Bologna. Abstract: "Processors using the open RISC-V ISA are finding increasing adoption in the embedded world. Many embedded use cases have real-time constraints and require flexible, predictable, and fast reactive handl... » read more

Edge HW-SW Co-Design Platform Integrating RISC-V And HW Accelerators

A new technical paper titled "EigenEdge: Real-Time Software Execution at the Edge with RISC-V and Hardware Accelerators" was published by researchers at Columbia University. "We introduce a hardware/software co-design approach that combines software applications designed with Eigen, a powerful open-source C++ library that abstracts linear-algebra workloads, and real-time execution on heterog... » read more

Adopting Predictive Maintenance On Fab Tools

Predictive maintenance, based on more and better sensor data from semiconductor manufacturing equipment, can reduce downtime in the fab and ultimately cut costs compared with regularly scheduled maintenance. But implementing this approach is non-trivial, and it can be disruptive to well-honed processes and flows. Not performing maintenance quickly enough can result in damage to wafers or the... » read more

Hardware-in-the-Loop-Based Real-Time Fault Injection Framework for Dynamic Behavior Analysis of Automotive Software Systems

New academic paper from Institute for Software and Systems Engineering, Technische Universität Clausthal, Germany. Abstract "A well-known challenge in the development of safety-critical systems in vehicles today is that reliability and safety assessment should be rigorously addressed and monitored. As a matter of fact, most safety problems caused by system failures can lead to serious ha... » read more

Cloud Vs. On-Premise Analytics

The immense and growing volume of data generated in chip manufacturing is forcing chipmakers to rethink where to process and store that data. For fabs and OSATs, this decision is not one to be taken lightly. The proprietary nature of yield, performance, and other data, and corporate policies to retain tight control of that data, have so far limited outsourcing to the cloud. But as the amount... » read more