Hardware-Based Cybersecurity For Software-Defined Vehicles

As vehicle technology advances, so does the complexity of the electrical/electronic systems within these smart vehicles. A software-defined vehicle (SDV) relies on centralized compute and an advanced software stack to control most of its functionality, from engine performance to infotainment systems. SDVs are becoming more important as automakers look to improve vehicle performance, reduce emis... » read more

Standards And Threat Testing For Secure Autonomous Vehicles

Modern vehicles continue to move up through the levels of autonomy, as defined by The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). These definitions have been widely adopted across the industry and emerging vehicle technology is measured against this scale (figure 1). Fig. 1: An illustration from the Society for Automotive Engineers shows levels of autonomy. The closer we move towards level... » read more

Securing Connected And Autonomous Vehicles

Vehicles are on track to become highly sophisticated Internet of Things (IoT) devices. With the added functionality that connects vehicles to other vehicles, the infrastructure, and even pedestrians, the opportunity for hacking expands. Challenges like complexity and the burden of legacy systems further complicate the situation. The future of connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) demands leve... » read more