Impact of Semiconductor Optical Amplifers On Performance & Power Consumption in Data Centers (UCSB)

A new technical paper titled "Integrated SOAs enable energy-efficient intra-data center coherent links" was published by researchers at UC Santa Barbara. "In this work, we analyze the impact of integrated semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) on link performance and power consumption, and describe the optimal design spaces for low-cost and energy-efficient coherent links. Placing SOAs afte... » read more

Car Industry Changing Under The Hood

After an initial burst of autonomous activity, the automotive ecosystem regrouped, re-evaluated its goals, and is now ready to begin deploying new technologies made possible by modern development approaches and forward-looking vehicle architectures. The pandemic hurt vehicle sales in 2020, but it also gave the OEMs a chance to catch their breath. Panic over announcements from other carmakers... » read more