Wearable Electrotactile Rendering System w/High Spacial resolution, Rapid Refresh

A new technical paper titled "Super-resolution wearable electrotactile rendering system" was published by researchers at City University of Hong Kong (CityU) and Tencent Technology's Robotics X Laboratory. "Here, we present a wearable electrotactile rendering system that elicits tactile stimuli with both high spatial resolution (76 dots/cm2) and rapid refresh rates (4 kHz), because of a prev... » read more

High-throughput LHSI Reflectometry Technique For ICU and IWU Measurements of Semiconductor Devices

New technical paper titled "Toward realization of high-throughput hyperspectral imaging technique for semiconductor device metrology," from researchers at Samsung Electronics Co. Abstract "Background: High-throughput three-dimensional metrology techniques for monitoring in-wafer uniformity (IWU) and in-cell uniformity (ICU) are critical for enhancing the yield of modern semiconductor manu... » read more