Meeting ISO 26262 Guidelines

The average car today contains up to 100 million lines of code. Software controls everything from safety critical systems like brakes and power steering, to basic vehicle controls like doors and windows. Yet the average car today may have up to 150,000 bugs, many of which could damage the brand, hurt customer satisfaction and, in the most extreme case, lead to a catastrophic failure. Software d... » read more

Chasing After Phantom Power

A lot of effort is being invested in power reduction techniques for mobile devices, where battery life is an important buying decision and power can translate into heat that can make a device uncomfortable to use. But are people willing to pay more for a device that consumes less power if it's plugged into a wall? And even if they are concerned about the power drawn during operation, what ab... » read more

Transient Current Crunch

When Intel talks, people listen. So when Intel executive VP Dadi Perlmutter said in a keynote at ISSCC in 2012 that transient power noise was one of the most limiting aspects of the chip design process—and how the package and the board inductance are limiting how low they can take the supply voltage—it showed the gravity of the challenge of effectively managing transient power. Transient po... » read more

New Risk Factors For SoCs

By Ed Sperling Third-party IP is becoming increasingly important in SoC designs. It saves development time and adds unique value. It also can improve performance and lower power, because a company specializing in IP frequently can build and optimize it better than a company that builds entire chips. But there are also plenty of landmines in IP integration, and there is a growing concern abo... » read more

iPhone Antennagate Solved

By Cary Chin Last time we looked at the relative signal strengths on the iPhone 4S vs. the iPhone 4 using field test mode to gather data in a variety of locations around Silicon Valley. The data below shows signal strengths for the 4S and 4, with and without using the “death grip” on the phone. We saw slightly better reception on the iPhone 4S than on the iPhone 4, but the really dr... » read more