The Week in Review: IoT

Networks The Netherlands and South Korea are both laying claim to installing the first nationwide Internet of Things networks in the world. In the Netherlands, KPN has connected the country with a low-power, wide-area network optimized for IoT. SK Telecom is serving Korea with coast-to-coast IoT coverage, and the Korean carrier plans to spend up to $86.8 million through the end of 2017 on upg... » read more

The Week In Review: Design/IoT

NXP received all necessary regulatory approvals for the merger with Freescale, and the sale of its RF Power business to JAC Capital. The company now expects to close the merger on December 7. Synopsys introduced VIP to support the proposed IEEE P802.3bs/D1.0 Ethernet 400G standard. The VIP includes a native SystemVerilog UVM architecture, protocol-aware debug and source code test suites. ... » read more