Malicious Code In The IoT

Fundamentally, malicious code families are initially comprised of one or more distinct malicious code samples. For clarity, malicious code is, globally used as an umbrella term for all types of malevolent program code. However, for this article, the term is being applied to static code and not morphing codes, which were discussed in a previous article. This discussion focuses on the type of mal... » read more

Why Would IBM Sell Its Semi Group?

Rumors are always just rumors until proven otherwise in business, but in the case of IBM’s semiconductor business, hints about the sale of its semiconductor business are particularly noteworthy. Much has changed since the days when IBM—as International Business Machines—went head-to-head with AT&T’s quasi-public Bell Labs and Xerox’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC). The breakup of... » read more

Patenting The Holidays

It happens every year — a new batch of [getkc id="16" kc_name="patents"] related to Christmas ornaments, things to rotate trees, or festive light controllers. Activity really did slow down this year with only six new [getkc id="98" kc_name="utility patents"] and five [getkc id="99" kc_name="design patents"] containing the word Christmas in their title, and a further two utility patents wit... » read more

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