The New Interactive TV Experience

More powerful TVs create the opportunity for new ways of delivering and consuming content.


In recent years, the TV device has changed dramatically. It is no longer a linear device with a set amount of TV channels, or even just acting as a screen for other experiences, like gaming on a console device. Interactivity is becoming an integral part of the TV experience, from how users consume content via OTT providers and streaming services to new “choose your own adventure shows” and even gaming directly on the device.

All of this presents tremendous opportunities for the growing TV ecosystem of OEMs, silicon vendors and developers to create more powerful devices and exciting experiences. In this Arm Viewpoints episode, three people with very unique and different perspectives have a discussion hosted by Geof Wheelwright to explain how these new opportunities can be met via the growing TV market.

Pablo Fraile, Director of the home segment in the Arm Client Line of Business, focuses on what’s needed for future IP and Solutions targeting TV devices, as well as outlining future business models for the market.

Ralph Hauwert, SVP and GM for Core and Cloud at Unity, discusses what’s needed for gaming experiences to truly take off on DTV devices – from ecosystem engagement to advances in technology – and what other interactive experiences could be coming soon to DTV.

Finally, Tetsuya Kimura, Distinguished Engineer System Architecture Design at Sony, provides the OEM perspective on where the future TV device is heading and how it will become the ‘playground’ for new interactive content.

Listen to the podcast or read the transcript here.


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