The People Have Spoken, The Future Is Now

Online quoting is a game changer because it allows any size company to be taken seriously by the supply chain.


Last month, I mentioned we’d be doing a webinar to assess the impact of online capabilities in the semiconductor industry. On November 12th “Semiconductors Go Online and Worldwide” was broadcast. Bill Brennan from Credo Semi, Trevor Hiatt from IDT and Mahesh Tirupattur from Analog Bits joined us to share their experiences using eSilicon’s MPW and GDSII quoting portals.

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I have to thank all three of these gentlemen for their candid and unfiltered comments. We started the event with a review of traction to date for our online portals. More than 350 registered users, over 1,000 quotes generated from 43 countries. Wow, some eye-catching stats for sure. And yes, we’ve booked new business, too. But what does it mean to a fabless semi or IP supplier? That was what we explored during our 30-minute webinar.

The webinar is on our site now and you can watch the replay here. This isn’t really a spoiler alert, consider it a trailer…

Online quoting is a game-changer. It allows a company of any size to be taken seriously by the supply chain. It’s all about easy access, too. Remember the first time you booked an airline ticket online? Massive workflow reduction. You’ve taken weeks of efforts down to a few minutes. Well done.

Demand is worldwide, but it’s hard to build a channel to address that. Unless you use the Internet, then it’s easy to be everywhere. What else should it do? More visibility into schedule and deliverables please. (Helps to plan the project.) Also, add IP selection to the quoting process.

To sum up – when it comes to semiconductor design and manufacturing, online technology is here to stay. The technology shrinks the world and levels the playing field. Want to learn more? Watch the webinar replay here. Even better, check out our quoting portals for yourself and sign up for an account.

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