The Route To A Trillion Devices

The outlook for IoT investment to 2035.


Technology vendors like to talk about data being big, really big. Petabytes of storage; gigabits of bandwidth; megaflops of processing power.

But data doesn’t have to be big to be valuable. One of the most successful financial trades of all time was premised on a piece of information that could have been represented by a single bit (1 or 0).

On June 19 1815, the bond market in London was in chaos. Traders had heard rumours that Napoleon had triumphed at the Battle of Waterloo, and the British government would be unable to repay their debts. One banker, Nathan Rothschild, knew better. He operated an international network of loyal messengers, and his trusted sources informed him that Napoleon had lost. Rothschild used this binary data to inform his investment strategy – he bought all the mispriced bonds he could, netting handsome profits when the bond market eventually recovered.

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT), intelligence networks are no longer exclusive to the aristocracy. Today all organizations can collect information about almost anything, anywhere, and in real time.

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