The Week In Review: Design

ARM acquires HPC tool provider; PLDA spins out QuickPlay; injunction in Synopsys v. ATopTech; EDA, IP up 7%.



ARM reached further into the HPC space with its acquisition of Allinea Software, a provider of debug and performance analysis tools for HPC systems. Currently, 80% of the world’s top 25 supercomputers use Allinea’s tools, and ARM will continue supporting multiple processor architectures. Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

PLDA Group is spinning out its QuickPlay C/C++ tool for building and customization of FPGA accellerators, along with its store for IP blocks and ready-to-use accellerators, as Accelize.


In a legal battle going on since 2013, a California Federal District Court issued an injunction against ATopTech in favor of Synopsys. Synopsys alleged ATopTech violated copyright and copied elements of PrimeTime’s command set into its Aprisa product. (Another copyright and a breach of contract claim were dismissed, along with two patents.)

Earlier this year, a jury agreed and awarded Synopsys $30.4 million in damages. The injunction prohibits ATopTech from developing and selling any product containing PrimeTime report formats or certain PrimeTime non-SDC commands, variables or attributes. The injunction also prohibits ATopTech’s support of such products after March 2017. ATopTech says it will not affect the current version of Aprisa, which was introduced in October of last year.


Cadence teamed up with Arrow to launch a free, integrated, cloud-based version of OrCAD Capture which utilizes Arrow’s component library to allow component research and selection to be integrated within the design environment.


EDA and IP growth increased to $2.094 billion in Q3, a 7% gain over the $1.958 billion reported for the same period in 2015, according to the Electronic System Design Alliance. CAE grew 5.0% in Q3, IC physical design and verification grew 8.2%, and total IP revenue grew 10.4%. Additionally, employment in the industry grew 6.2% in Q3.

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