Understanding And Overcoming The Challenges Of Building High Voltage Automotive Battery Management Systems

Challenges associated with developing an automotive battery management system (BMS).


By Mahmoud Ismail, Patrick Leteinturier, Felix Weidner, Markus Ekler,
Klaus Scheibert, Noopuran Sivaguru, Jutta Heinzelmann, Kishore Sukumar

In this paper we will discuss challenges associated with developing an automotive battery management system (BMS). We will start with a general introduction to Li-ion batteries, why they are the best choice for automotive applications, and why they need management. We then introduce BMS and their usage in high voltage automotive uses. Lastly, we will present Infineon’s products and system approach towards offering a best-in-class BMS by addressing the four key criteria:

› Performance: reflecting the driving range per battery charge

› Battery lifetime: reflecting the battery yearly depreciation

› Safety: protecting the battery from critical events, that might risk the safety of the passengers

› Total system cost: reflecting the initial cost of the hybrid or electric vehicle

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