Usage Of Pulse-Edge Transformer In Secondary-Controlled Flyback Applications

For EZ-PD PAGxS/PAGxP-based Type-C power adapter applications.


As the demand for smaller form factors and higher energy efficiency for charger/adapter grows, the wide bandgap (WBG) device technology is gaining popularity. To use the potential of WBG and thus improve the power density and efficiency, the switching frequency levels of converters are in the order of 300 kHz to 400 kHz. The higher switching frequency also requires faster control or response time and thus higher system bandwidth. The PAGx architecture uses a secondary side control, which eliminates the dependency on the galvanic isolator component for system bandwidth. The galvanic isolator is required in PAGx designs to provide the PWM signal from the secondary control PAGxS to the primary side controller PAGxP.

A PET is used for this purpose, as against the conventional approach of using optocouplers because the PET offers several benefits over an optocoupler for designing a reliable system.

The following sections highlight the benefits of PET with respect to few key design parameters:

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