New World Applications And The Role of IP

Before we witness hockey-stick growth, there are a few challenges to resolve.


Electronic devices have evolved from cyclical killer applications to everyday ‘must-have’ tools. Smartphones and tablets are a couple of these ‘must-have’ devices and are already making possible new world applications. Many of these new world applications, including the Internet of Things and mobile health, will be pervasive and promise high semiconductor unit volumes. Semico has identified 70 appliances in the average home that can become part of the Internet of Things. Before we experience the hockey-stick growth in these markets there are a few hurdles to overcome:

  • Because it is likely some devices of this type will be connected wirelessly, reasonably good Security IP is necessary for the design. This is especially true for V2V and V2I applications. No one wants their car hacked as they are traveling at 70 mph on the freeway.
  • Memory IP becomes critical, given the need to support fairly powerful and plentiful computational resources used for the system solution (the system being the sum total of all the devices being deployed).
  • Power Management IP is now a crucial part of the solution. Otherwise, the benefits of being able to reduce your home’s electrical footprint go right out the window by installing many devices that are too power-hungry.
  • Although at this time there is no ‘Sensor IP’ available from any IP vendor, given the large volumes involved, it probably won’t be too long before sensor functionality IP becomes available.
  • Because many of these processes are analog in nature, Analog IP is a necessity for interfacing to these real-world applications and processes.
  • And to tie all these functions together, some form on Interconnect IP will be necessary to ensure the right level of functionality and performance is attainable.

Semico is hosting a one-day conference on the IP Ecosystem in San Jose at the DoubleTree Hotel on Nov 6th, 2013. A panel discussion on the topic of “Designing for New World Applications” will delve into the exciting new applications that promise high-volume semiconductor demand. Moderated by Kent Shimasaki of Infinitedge, the panel will explore how these new applications will impact the IP market. Participants include Ron Moore, ARM; Grant Pierce, Sonics; Steve Singer, INSIDE Secure; and Dipti Vachani, Skyworks.

If you’re interested in participating in this discussion, have something to add, or just want to hear what others are doing, register for Semico’s IP Conference by clicking here.

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