5G: The Telecommunications Horizon and Homeland Security

The Science & Technology Directorate (R&D advisor of U.S. Dept of Homeland Security) provides an-depth study into the ongoing rollout of 5G networking technologies and the early development of the 6G. The report details relevant implications—opportunities, risks, and uncertainties—for the homeland and stakeholders across industry.


“Produced in conjunction with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) HQ Emerging Technologies Policy team, this horizon scanning report provides information and insight into the future of fifth generation (5G) and sixth generation (6G) networking technologies and the associated impacts to the homeland security enterprise. The measures taken by DHS to manage and secure its networks will require continued adaptation as 5G, and subsequently 6G, standards shape the information and communications technology environment. DHS will also be able to capitalize on new opportunities that leverage 5G and 6G communication technologies. This horizon scan provides a primer on the current state of 5G technology, reviews the expected development of 5G and 6G capabilities, and details relevant implications for DHS and the homeland security enterprise.”

Find the Department Of Homeland Security’s paper link here. Published Dec. 2021 with infographics in March 2022.

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