A Time For Thanks

But don’t forget, the manuscript deadline for research papers is tomorrow.


Born and raised in Germany, Thanksgiving is not really “my” holiday but I am very appreciative of it. It is wonderful how everyone comes together and reflects on what they are grateful for. In my role as DAC general chair this year, there are many additional things that come to mind. First, the larger semiconductor industry is enjoying robust growth, which translates into increased demand for EDA tools. It is so good to see our industry thriving and so dynamic, providing innovative solutions and IP for an ever-expanding set of customers.

Not only is the mainstream computing, wireless and consumer industries driving growth in EDA, but new, emerging markets are gaining ground. Embedded software is taking advantage of EDA solutions for ways to speed the development and integration of software and hardware. And the automotive, aerospace and transportation sectors are keenly interested in tools that automate the development of electronics—a crucial differentiator in these highly competitive markets.

Which, of course, brings me to DAC. It is amazing how this conference continues to be such a vital force in EDA. It is one of the largest IEEE conferences in the world and is a must-attend event for thousands of designers, researchers and executives. In the upcoming 52nd DAC, there will be hundreds of stimulating papers, panels, sessions and talks, offering insights on cutting-edge design issues and challenges.

I am grateful for the hundreds of volunteers that make all of this possible. It is amazing to me how they cheerfully take time out of their busy schedules week after to week to meet and discuss content for the upcoming DAC. In months ahead, they will spend many hours evaluating contributed content for the hundreds of sessions: from papers and panels, to special sessions, tutorials and workshops.

Most of all, I am indebted to my tireless executive committee members. DAC simply would not happen if it wasn’t for these intelligent, hard-working, committed people. They are the engine that keeps the conference moving forward, bringing all the many pieces together to create DAC. They oversee committees, deliberate about themes and assist in securing the world-class keynote speakers we all enjoy.

I am humbled but so very proud to be a part of this extraordinary effort that continues to have such a significant impact for over 50 years. So at this time of year, I will think with gratitude about all of this.

Don’t forget that the manuscript deadline for research papers is here: They are due tomorrow (Dec. 2). It’s time to get back to work.

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