Advances in 3D-IC At DAC 2024

Ansys highlights solutions for thermal integrity, power integrity, signal integrity, and mechanical integrity.


At the 2024 Design Automation Conference and Exhibit, Ansys, in collaboration with NVIDIA, has been showcasing its latest advances in 3D-IC multiphysics analysis, visualization, and signoff. Ansys solutions are on display for thermal integrity, power integrity, signal integrity, and mechanical integrity for multi-die (3D-IC) electronic assemblies.

The DAC Exhibitor Forum sessions, sponsored by Ansys, every day from 1:45 pm to 3:00 pm, have featured significant work in 3D-IC chip analysis and visualization.

  • Monday 6/24: “Understanding Ansys SigmaDVD – A Radical New Methodology for Voltage Drop Analysis and Signoff” with Chip Stratakos – MatX, Mohit Jain – Qualcomm, and Murat Becer – Ansys:
    One of the most difficult challenges for IC designers today is power integrity signoff at advanced nodes and achieving comprehensive dynamic voltage drop (DVD) coverage. Learn how leading IC design teams no longer rely only on traditional vectored/vectorless analysis but are adopting a radical new SigmaDVD™ technology from Ansys to address urgent DVD issues at advanced nodes. SigmaDVD is becoming the leading method for avoiding DVD voltage and timing problems, shift-left prevention of voltage-drop issues, fixing IR violations, and achieving robust, high-coverage power integrity signoff.
  • Tuesday 6/25: “Leveraging AI/ML for Electronic Design and Simulation” a thought-provoking discussion with Prith Banerjee – Ansys, and Sanjay Choudhry – NVIDIA:
    AI/ML is causing sweeping changes almost everywhere, and electronic design and simulation are no exceptions. EDA tools have a long history of using heuristics and numerical approximations to enable designer productivity to keep pace with Moore’s Law. This session features Ansys CTO Prith Banerjee joined by industry speakers to discuss the practical application of AI/ML for electronic design and simulation, and how this trend will determine the direction of EDA’s future.
  • Wednesday 6/26: “Visualizing the Future of Multi-die Design with Ansys & NVIDIA Omniverse” a demonstration of advanced visualization of 3D-IC multiphysics powered by NVIDIA Omniverse:
    Ansys and NVIDIA collaborate closely to enable designers to bring a new paradigm to IC design: visualizing and optimizing multi-die designs with the NVIDIA Omniverse platform. Informed by Ansys electromagnetic, thermal, and mechanical simulation, Omniverse can provide capabilities never before seen in IC design. This session features representatives from Ansys and NVIDIA demonstrating Ansys solutions operating with NVIDIA Omniverse for practical optimization solutions. In addition, the session also covers key aspects of the companies’ collaborations on AI and GPU design and enablement, as announced in NVIDIA founder and CEO Jensen Huang’s GTC 2024 keynote.

Ansys is engaged with the many discussions and panels that make DAC the must-go event of the year. This year, Prith Banerjee – Ansys CTO, will be participating as a speaker on the DAC Research Panel “Why Is EDA Playing Catchup to Disruptive Technologies Like AI?” on Wednesday at 11:30am.

Ansys has one of the larger booths at DAC this year (#1308) The primary theme is Multiphysics simulation and signoff for 3D-IC. NVIDIA will be co-presenting in the Ansys booth with Nvidia hardware demonstrating real applications.

Ansys technical Customer Workshops are scheduled in the Ansys booth again this year. Make sure to register to learn from fellow customers on how they applied Ansys solutions to leading edge challenges in 6 technical tracks.

Ansys will also be presenting in the Intel Foundry and Microsoft Azure booths this year to highlight its support for the latest silicon processes and advanced HPC in the cloud.

The popularity of Ansys products across the semiconductor industry is again demonstrated with an impressive 24 technical papers  that customers will present in DAC’s Engineering Track.

So please be sure to register to attend the conference and join Ansys at DAC. Register for one of our exclusive events or schedule a meeting as we reach out to our customers and partners in advancing the state-of-the-art in Electronic Design Automation.


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