Ambiq YieldHUB Case Study

How a leading energy-efficient micro-controller (MCU) designer found manufacturing data useful during IC production.


Ambiq Micro is leading the world in energy-efficient micro-controller (MCU) design, redefining “ultra-low-power” with its unique and proprietary SPOT platform. They began working with us a few years ago when their data started scaling (they now produce thousands of wafers a month!) and they needed an effective yield management system to help them. Senior Product Engineer Jerry Kao shares his favorite yieldHUB features.

Jerry Kao: “The three best yieldHUB features, and the ones that I use most often, are:”

Fast visualisation:
The bluetooth low energy test is key to keeping yields under control for one of our products. Knowing the distribution of yield across sites is extremely important and we can do this for any given lot or across hundreds of lots if needed. If we see a deviation we can do some work to fix the offset and yields go back up.

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