An Introduction To The ARM mbed IoT Device Platform

A look at where creation and deployment of commercial, standards-based IoT devices is possible at scale.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is the collection of billions of end devices, from the low-power constrained end nodes to gateways, intelligently connected to cloud applications and services. Interoperability between devices and cloud services across market segments is needed to unleash the full potential of the IoT.

The ARM Cortex-M processors family, the world’s leading 32-bit MCU which ships in the billions annually, provides a common hardware foundation for the IoT devices. However, the software development for these IoT devices today is highly fragmented, expensive and slow, often using custom or proprietary tools and communication protocols.

ARM and its Partners share a vision where creation and deployment of commercial, standards- based IoT devices is possible at scale. The mbed IoT Device Platform is a result of this vision. This platform has been built around open standards and will bring Internet protocols, security and standards-based manageability into one integrated solution optimized for energy and cost- constrained devices. It is supported by an established and expanding hardware and software ecosystem that will provide common building blocks for IoT devices and services.

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