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Rethinking Low Power Verification: LP + CDC Verification

In my last posting, we discussed some of the barriers that companies face in seeking to meet their low power verification objectives, and how the complete and integrated technologies in Synopsys’ new Verification Compiler product can help. This time, I’d like to introduce a relevant example of how unified technology solutions can help address complex design interactions in low power verific... » read more

Rethinking Low Power Verification

The discussion of low power verification has been centered around design complexity growth multiplied (or exponentiated) by growth in adoption of low power design techniques. The main objectives seem clear – ensure that: The specification for the low power intent is valid The low power implementation matches the specification, and that its architecture, structure and behavior is valid ... » read more

It’s Never Too Early

My previous postings discussed the importance of native low-power capabilities and coverage in simulation flows. The complement to this is incorporating complete and thorough low power checking throughout the design and implementation flow, and find and fix as many low-power bugs as possible before simulation. With the right checking tools and proper deployment, doing so enables the possibility... » read more

Coverage-Driven Verification Isn’t Complete Without Low-Power Metrics

Coverage-driven verification enables the structured, measurable and manageable verification of today’s extraordinarily large and complex SoCs. Establishing predetermined objectives and planning for verification tasks is crucial to achieving closure on overall goals, and creating the comprehensive set of metrics to track during the verification process enables schedule predictability and confi... » read more

Low Power Verification – “X” Marks the Spot

Welcome to a new discussion on a range of topics we think will be interesting to folks who design and verify SoCs. Though the name of this blog denotes two top attributes of SoCs—IP implementation and the pervasive need for low power (LP), we certainly may go far beyond the scope of these topics in upcoming posts. We’ll start with a topic on the LP side, and going forward we’ll alternate ... » read more