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Datacenter Chipmaker Achieves Double-Digit Power Reduction with Next-Gen Voltage Scaling

The Customer A fabless chipmaker making 5nm networking chips for datacenters. The Challenge High power consumption due to excessive voltage guard-bands What You'll Discover: Learn how the customer safely decreased the voltage from 650 mV to an average of 608 mV, resulting in a 12.5% dynamic power reduction. This significant optimization helped the chipmaker stand out as a low-pow... » read more

Application-Specific Power Performance Optimizer Based On Chip Telemetry

As datacenter power consumption continues to pose cooling and cost challenges, and battery driven devices are expected to last longer between charges, the search for advanced power management mechanisms continues. A modern design must balance between maximizing performance, consuming the least amount of power, and guaranteeing no failures in field. The latter requires safety margins which tr... » read more

From Data To Safety On-The-Road Hardware Health Monitoring

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a transformation driven by electrification, connectivity, and autonomous driving. Vehicles require extensive computational capabilities and generate massive amounts of data. Future cars will embrace new architectures, becoming software-defined "computers on wheels" capable of hosting advanced applications, machine learning algorithms, and contin... » read more

Using In-Chip Monitoring And Deep Data Analytics For High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) Reliability And Safety

Since its introduction in 2014, High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) has been poised to address the growing demand for high-performance, high capacity, and low latency memories required by High-Performance Computing (HPC), high-performance graphic processors (GPU), and artificial intelligence (AI). Since then, bandwidth and capacity requirements have increased with each new generation: HBM2, HBM2e and n... » read more

Using Deep Data Analytics To Enhance Reliability Testing The Fast Roadmap for Zero Defects

proteanTecs and ELES have partnered together to enhance reliability testing with deep data analytics. This collaboration enables SoC manufacturers to improve their qualification envelope to achieve lifetime reliability, shorten their root cause analysis time, and reduce operational costs. This innovative approach adds parametric measurements during the stress test in order to accurately and pre... » read more

proteanTecs On-Chip Monitoring And Deep Data Analytics System

High reliability applications in service-critical markets, such as autonomous driving and cloud computing, demand maximum performance and minimal power and cost. Reducing design margins while maintaining high reliability becomes imperative. State-of-the-art silicon processes offer mainly logic density improvements at limited speedup. Worst-case design analysis is not cost effective anymore. ... » read more

Predictive And Prescriptive Maintenance In The Context Of Automotive Functional Safety

The ever-changing landscape of advanced SOCs reshape traditional approaches of automotive functional safety (FuSa). Electrification (EV), connectivity, driver-assistance (ADAS), and software-defined vehicles (SDV) have ushered in the era of mega-functionality and scale. This paper discusses the paradigm shifts and required methodologies to navigate the surge of innovation and ensure the utmost ... » read more

Maintaining Vehicles Of The Future

Driving a scalable, consumer-centric vision in the mobility industry, vehicles of thefuture will always be connected and differentiated by software. Advancements in software, hardware and their interaction are expanding the boundaries of performance, providing the foundation for next-generation cars. But the same technology that will make this vision a reality also presents new challenges. O... » read more

GUC GLink Test Chip Uses In-Chip Monitoring And Deep Data Analytics For High Bandwidth Die-To-Die Characterization

Advanced ASIC leader Global Unichip Corp (GUC) has developed GLink, a high-bandwidth, low-latency, and power-efficient die-to-die (D2D) interface. GLink offers the industry’s highest optimized interconnect solution for both CoWoS and InFO packaging technologies. The GUC and proteanTecs collaboration started with GUC’s second generation of GLink, known as GLink 2.0. The project target was... » read more

Supply Chain Security And Counterfeit Detection Using Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT)

The recent shortage of chip supply and long lead times prompted system makers to turn to second tier suppliers and distributors for fulfilling their semiconductor needs. This in turn has put the spotlight on the growing concern of fraudulent or counterfeited Integrated Circuits (ICs). Proteus deep data analytics based on Universal Chip Telemetry (UCT) provides a new approach to supply chain ... » read more

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