Real-Time Safety Monitoring for Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance in Advanced Automotive Electronics

Deep data application for fault detection and failure prevention in mission-critical automotive applications.


Software Defined, Electric, and Autonomous vehicles are driving new roadmaps for advanced electronics. Centralized architectures have introduced cutting-edge ECUs and SOCs. Coupled with stringent standardization, automotive manufacturers and OEMs are tasked with achieving functional safety in an ever-developing landscape. Maintaining safety standards without compromising performance and cost becomes a critical challenge.

This paper introduces RTSM, which enhances functional safety (FuSa) by providing workload-aware, high-coverage monitoring, combining unique deep data of on-chip agents with a realtime algorithm-based application.

This paper highlights:

  • The limitations of conventional safety assurance techniques
  • RTSM’s algorithm-based Performance Index for assessing the issue severity
  • Why monitoring margins under real workloads is crucial for fault detection
  • The technology behind RTSM which allows it to monitor in mission-mode
  • The role of RTSM in introducing Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance

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