Effective Monitoring, Test, and Repair of Multi-Die Designs

Despite clear advantages, there are numerous new challenges that need to be addressed for successful multi-die realization. The multi-die test challenges include: Bare chiplet level (pre-bond) Probe, dedicated/functional pads for test Test, diagnosis, and repair Interconnects (mid/post-bond) Die-to-die test access Lane test, diagnosis, and repair Multi-die ... » read more

Real-Time Safety Monitoring for Predictive and Prescriptive Maintenance in Advanced Automotive Electronics

Software Defined, Electric, and Autonomous vehicles are driving new roadmaps for advanced electronics. Centralized architectures have introduced cutting-edge ECUs and SOCs. Coupled with stringent standardization, automotive manufacturers and OEMs are tasked with achieving functional safety in an ever-developing landscape. Maintaining safety standards without compromising performance and cos... » read more

Precise Control Needed For Copper Plating And CMP

Chipmakers are relying on machine learning for electroplating and wafer cleaning at leading-edge process nodes, augmenting traditional fault detection/classification and statistical process control in order to extend the usefulness of copper interconnects. Copper is well understood and easy to work with, but it is running out of steam. At 5nm and below, copper plating tools are struggling to... » read more

Using Predictive Maintenance To Boost IC Manufacturing Efficiency

Predicting exactly how and when a process tool is going to fail is a complex task, but it's getting a tad easier with the rollout of smart sensors, standard interfaces, and advanced data analytics. The potential benefits of predictive maintenance are enormous. Higher tool uptime correlates with greater fab efficiency and lower operating costs, so engineers are pursuing multiple routes to boo... » read more

From Data To Safety On-The-Road Hardware Health Monitoring

The automotive industry is currently experiencing a transformation driven by electrification, connectivity, and autonomous driving. Vehicles require extensive computational capabilities and generate massive amounts of data. Future cars will embrace new architectures, becoming software-defined "computers on wheels" capable of hosting advanced applications, machine learning algorithms, and contin... » read more

Companies That Embrace Digital Transformation Have More Resilient Design And Supply Chains

Digital transformation has evolved quickly from a conceptual phase to a semiconductor industry change agent. The rapid take up of AI-enhanced product development is only accelerating this transformation and is further influenced by two connected trends: The movement of Moore’s Law from transistor scaling to system-level scaling, and the relatively recent redistribution of the global electroni... » read more

AI-Driven Innovation For Manufacturing Automation

By Calvin Shiao, AshtonWS Huang, and Alfos Hsu Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the world and improving our lives in many ways. The semiconductor industry is a key part of the AI revolution, as it provides powerful computing chips for AI applications and leverages AI to optimize business operations and management, customer service, office workflows, as well as the intricate realms of... » read more

Mission Profile Analytics For The Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is undergoing a major transformation with the rise of electrification, connectivity, and autonomous driving capabilities fueling the need for a greater number of more advanced semiconductors. The associated regulatory expectations are also creating challenging safety and reliability requirements for automotive-grade silicon that need to be understood and managed over a w... » read more

Achieving Automotive Reliability With Advanced Monitoring Solutions

In today's automotive landscape, the integration of advanced software and hardware has transformed vehicles into complex data-driven machines. Sensors like cameras, radars, and lidars constantly monitor the vehicle's surroundings, feeding data to electronic control units that enable advanced driver assistance features like adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assistance, and collision avoid... » read more

Transforming Semiconductor Manufacturing: How AI And ML Boost Productivity And Beat The Skill Shortage

In the fast-paced world of semiconductor manufacturing, where innovation and efficiency are essential, there is a serious challenge – the persistent skilled labor shortage. As evident by billboards looking for workers along major highways, this shortage is not just a concern but a pressing reality. Semiconductor manufacturers in the United States face a multifaceted problem—tightened... » read more

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